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Jake Paul Next Fight: Potential Opponents, Timeline

Jake Paul’s next fight will see the social media influencer look to continue his undefeated streak in boxing.

It’s unclear who The Problem Child’s next opponent will be. However, we can look at possible fighters who the Youtuber could compete against next.

Paul Knocked Out Woodley In Their Rematch

Jake Paul Tyron Woodley December
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The combat sports community was stunned when Paul knocked out Tyron Woodley at the Amelie Arena in Tampa, Florida, on Dec. 18, 2021.

Paul defeated Woodley in their first fight by split decision on Aug. 29, 2021, at the Rocket Morgage Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. In the contest, the Youtube star outpaced the former UFC Welterweight Champion to improve his record to 4-0. Woodley admitted after the fight that he fought the undefeated boxer too patiently.

Tyron Woodley also expressed that he wanted a rematch against Paul despite the loss. However, Paul responded that Woodley needed an “I love Jake Paul” tattoo to get the second fight. Paul decided to fight Tommy Fury next despite the former UFC champion getting the tattoo.

Paul vs. Fury was scheduled for Dec. 18, 2021, but Fury pulled out of the fight due to an injury. Woodley accepted to be Paul’s opponent on twelve days’ notice on Dec. 6, 2021. Although Woodley gave Paul a challenging fight, it ended with a sixth-round knockout.

Paul Focused On Being A Promoter

Jake Paul
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After his win against Woodley, Paul announced he’d be taking time off from fighting. He had fought three times in 2021, with two wins over Woodley and a TKO victory against Ben Askren at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, on Apr. 17, 2021.

Paul wanted to focus on being a promoter with his brand Most Valuable Promotion and work with WBC and WBO Female Featherweight Champion Amanda Serrano. The boxer turned promoter helped set up an undisputed lightweight title fight between Serrano and Katie Taylor at Madison Square Garden on Apr. 30.

Although he’s taken time off from fighting, he plans to have another boxing or possibly an MMA fight.

Jake Paul

Possible Opponents for Jake Paul’s Next Fight

Jake Paul does not have his next opponent lined up yet.

However, there are a few interesting candidates under consideration for Jake Paul’s next fight.

Anderson Silva

Jake Paul Anderson Silva
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The former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva could be Paul’s next challenger. Since leaving the UFC, Silva has transitioned into boxing with success. He has a 3-1 boxing record. His most notable win is against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. by split decision on Jun. 21, 2021.

Paul has expressed interest in fighting Silva in an interview with Ariel Helwani. Unlike his past opponents, Silva has more boxing experience and is regarded as one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. Despite his age, Silva also has the endurance and technique to give Paul problems.

Having fought Paul, Askren shared he believes Anderson Silva has a solid chance to defeat the undefeated boxer.

“I thought Tyron [Woodley] was going to. The first bout was obviously really competitive,” Askren told MMA Island. “Anderson Silva looked great in his one boxing match he did. It was against a guy who had a significant amount of boxing experience, so I would say yeah, I would think so. If Anderson can’t do it, then shit, Jake Paul is pretty damn good,” said Askren.

A potential win against the former UFC Middleweight Champion would be the biggest accomplishment of Paul’s boxing career.

Tommy Fury

Jake Paul Tommy Fury
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After pulling out of their first fight, Tommy Fury could be Paul’s next opponent. It would also be Jake Paul’s chance to prove to doubters that he could beat a boxer. Fury is also undefeated with seven wins.

Both Fury and Paul haven’t held back about how they don’t like each other. When Fury had to drop out of their fight, Paul shamed him and felt he would’ve knocked him out. Now healthy, Tommy Fury shared in an interview with Ariel Helwani that he wanted to silence Paul and the ball was in his court.

“…I’m trying my best to get this fight back on track,” said Fury. He continued, “You talk to anybody, this is the fight I want. I’ll wait for him an amount of time, it comes off, great, if it doesn’t, I will resume my career and start winning some titles. That’s just the way life is.”

While the situation could change, Paul thinks Fury should fight Woodley to fight him. It’s unclear how long Paul will be out of competition, so Fury may fight Woodley to get revenge against his rival.

Scott Coker Jake Paul
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Could Jake Paul Compete In MMA Next?

Paul has expressed interest in having an MMA fight numerous times. While some fans didn’t take the boxing star seriously, Bellator President Scott Coker has shared that they are in talks.

“If Paul is serious and wants to do it, we’re here. We’re already talking about [it]. You know, when I say talking about it, he’s with Showtime boxing, and he did the fight with T-Wood [Tyron Woodley]. There’s dialogue. I think he wants to do ten boxing fights and then come over to MMA,” Coker revealed(h/t Talksport’s Alex McCarthy)

It’s unclear if Paul wants to pursue MMA for his next fight, but it’s something that could be possible in the future.

When Is Jake Paul’s Next Fight?

After promoting Serrano vs. Taylor on Apr. 30, Paul could begin looking for his next fight. He also seems healthy with inactivity from boxing, but he could need time to train before agreeing on his next fight. It’s possible the 5-0 boxer could fight sometime this summer.


Jake Paul

Paul is looking to remain unbeaten in boxing, hoping to fight Canelo Alvarez in the future. However, who will be his next opponent is up in the air. Both boxers and MMA fighters want to challenge Paul, but he ultimately decides who gets the opportunity.

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