Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Jake Paul Taunts McGregor In Spoof-Like Response To “Jackass” Diss

Jake Paul has issued a spoof-like response to Conor McGregor calling him a “jackass.”

Jake Paul finally got Conor McGregor to respond to him and he is soaking it all up with sand wrestling, another MMA tease, and playful taunting.

After countless callouts, a mention in a rap diss track, and even a custom-made “Sleepy McGregor” necklace, all it really took for Jake Paul to get Conor McGregor’s attention was to criticize his boxing technique.

After Paul insisted that McGregor’s form in a training video was “embarrassing,” McGregor responded with a lighthearted jab at Paul, dubbing the YouTuber a “jackass.”

Paul acted McGregor FAST after getting the Irishman’s attention. First, he swiftly proposed to Dana White a fight with the former champ-champ in the UFC with very high stakes connected to fighter pay. Hours later, he posted the following spoof-like video in response to McGregor’s “jackass” insult.

“While I’m training MMA, the @TheNotoriousMMA is drinking Jack daniels in Dubai putting up sloppy boxing videos. Jackass,” the tweet reads.

The video includes Paul securing a takedown in the sand, bear crawling on the street, doing clap push-ups in the rain, taking a cool golf swing, and going for a jog on a bridge, with the YouTuber yelling “Jackass” at the end of every clip in a pronunciation that mocks McGregor’s.

MMA News will keep you posted if McGregor responds to Paul again or if the unthinkable happens and Dana White actually takes Paul up on his proposal for a McGregor/Paul UFC showdown.

Were you entertained by Jake Paul’s response to Conor McGregor?

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