Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Jones Slams MMA Media, Hooker, & Schaub For Chael Sonnen Hypocrisy

Jon Jones believes the MMA media and a couple of notable figures are being hypocritical in the way they are reacting to Chael Sonnen’s recent controversy.

Last year, Jon Jones was arrested for battery domestic violence against then-fiancée Jessie Moses on the same night he was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame for his UFC 165 fight against Alexander Gustafsson.

Prior to the dismissal of the charges, Jones was already widely convicted in the court of public opinion. Among those who condemned Jones for his alleged abuse was Chael Sonnen and former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub.

After Sonnen himself was accused of battery, Jones was swift to chime in, essentially pointing out the irony of Sonnen being arrested for being violent against a woman after Sonnen had been so critical of Jones for his recent arrest as well as several other topics over the years.

This caused Dan Hooker to come to Sonnen’s defense. Hooker points to Schaub’s account of what took place with Sonnen, which is that he beat up five belligerent people who were harassing his wife. Jones and Hooker later had a brief spat on Christmas Day, and Jones had offered no further comments regarding Sonnen’s case.

Jon Jones Questions Coverage & Reactions To Sonnen Allegations

Jon Jones: 'Virtually impossible' to prove innocence before UFC 232 fight -  MMA Fighting
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Jones’ silence on Sonnen’s legal issues was broken after new details on Sonnen’s case emerged. Sonnen is now being accused of randomly attacking a couple, including bloodying the mouth of a female.

The police report also stated that Sonnen’s wife, Brittany Sonnen, appeared to be injured, but she did not know what led to her injuries. She did, however, claim that Sonnen was never physical with her.

After these latest details were released, Jon Jones took to Twitter to blast the MMA media before implying that Dan Hooker and Brendan Schaub were being selective if not hypocritical in their outrage.

“Man everyone and their mom covered my story when I was an asshole in Las Vegas, Sonnen allegedly attacks his wife, another woman along with like five men and crickets,” Jones wrote.

@danthehangman Brendan S. Is this what you guys are jumping down my throat about? Defending honor?”

It wasn’t long until Dan Hooker issued the following response to Jones on Twitter:

“Explain how this makes you any less of a piece of shit,” Hooker posted.

Brendan Schaub has yet to comment on these new details, and Sonnen has not addressed the incident at all.

Sonnen is due in court on April 30 to respond to the battery lawsuit and must appear in court on April 27 for his initial court appearance in relation to the 11 criminal charges, which include a felony battery by strangulation charge.

Do you agree with Jon Jones? Is Chael Sonnen being treated differently for his legal controversy than Jones was and has been?

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