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(Archives) Masvidal Blasts “Weasel” Ben Askren: Have Some Pride (2019)

Before one of the most iconic knockouts in UFC history at UFC 239, Jorge Masvidal was already talking trash to Ben Askren. In fact, the following article was published before Masvidal and Askren were even booked to fight one another. As alluded to, we know how this story ends. But here is a walk back to one of the first chapters of how the Masvidal/Askren feud began.

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On This Day Three Years Ago…


Jorge Masvidal sent a harsh message to Ben Askren following Askren’s controversial victory at UFC 235.

Jorge Masvidal will be headlining UFC London in three days when he takes on Darren Till from the 02 Arena in London, England. Ben Askren is already on record in saying he would like the winner of that bout after picking up a victory over Robbie Lawler at UFC 235, but Jorge Masvidal feels that Askren’s fleet of foot and fleet of mouth after the controversial victory calls into question Askren’s manhood, confidence, and respect:

“He’s a little groupie, man,” Masvidal told MMAjunkie of Askren. “He’s calling my name. Who are you? Herb Dean gifted you a win, and you’re calling people out? Give Robbie Lawler the respect you owe.

“As a man, as a fighter, having pride in what I do, I choke somebody out, or I think choke them out, but when I see the replay and see the guy put the thumbs up, in my head, I would say, ‘Man, I didn’t choke this guy out,’” Masvidal said. “And as a man, having pride, I would say, ‘Let’s do it again,’ especially after he (expletive) decapitated me on the slam, busted up my face. ‘Let’s do it again,’ because I definitely didn’t choke you out. Because I’ve never seen nobody go to sleep like this. That’s the first.

“But that’s how much of a weasel and coward he is. No, no, I’m gone already. I wouldn’t dare repeat that route again. That just shows you his character. He’s a (expletive).”

Robbie Lawler and Dana White have both called for a rematch of the Askren/Lawler bout, while Askren has been quite clear about where he stands as well, a stance that has generated repulsion and contempt from the man who may end up being Ben Askren’s next opponent, Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal.

Do you agree with Jorge Masvidal’s harsh assessment of Ben Askren’s character?

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