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Kamaru Usman Is Not Taking Conor McGregor’s Callout Seriously

Kamaru Usman is not letting Conor McGregor‘s callout affect him.

Kamaru Usman has been the best at welterweight for several years. He has defended his UFC title five times and has faced some of the best at 170 pounds. Now, Usman has been called out by Conor McGregor. In a recent interview, Usman explained why he is taking McGregor’s welterweight plans with a grain of salt.

“I don’t take anything that he says seriously because I understand he’s just a clout chaser,” Usman told Sky Sports. “He’s just looking for clout. He likes to attach his name to the guy at the top of the sport, just to announce his resurgence. That’s what he does. If he’s fighting, he’s going to tweet about it. If I’m fighting, he’s going to tweet something. He just wants to keep his name relevant out there, because obviously, his fighting isn’t doing the talking anymore. He wants to keep his name out there, that’s why his fingers are doing the talking nowadays.”

McGregor has been out of competition dealing with a leg injury that he suffered in his last fight against Dustin Poirier. His return is not set in stone, but McGregor has been hinting at being ready later this year. Usman is also recovering from hand surgery and could possibly be ready at the same time.

McGregor’s notion that he wants to move up in weight and challenge Usman is not completely unheard of, as he did fight twice at 170 pounds in his career. The last time was his last win two years ago against Donald Cerrone.

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Conor McGregor

One win at welterweight usually would not grant a title shot, but McGregor is the most famous fighter on the roster and by far the biggest draw. Nevertheless, strictly from a sports standpoint, Usman is hesitant to accept McGregor as a truly worth opponent in light of McGregor losing back-to-back fights and three of his last four.

“To be honest, the real competitor in me is like no, no f****** way,” Usman said. “I wouldn’t even pay attention to him because I know what he’s doing, and I know where he’s at in his career. He hasn’t won a fight in a couple of years. Yes, those were tough fights, but it is what it is. If I had to fight Conor [McGregor], I would still feel the same way, that’s a top contender,” Usman said. “Does he deserve it? Nobody deserves anything, so he shouldn’t sit there and say I should get this, or I should get that. Myself and the company will set down and decide what makes most sense.”

Usman may already have a dance partner for his return. Dana White has revealed that Leon Edwards will be the next challenger for the title, but as is common in the UFC, anything is possible.

Do you think Kamaru Usman will face Conor McGregor for the welterweight title?

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