Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Maryna Moroz Reveals Details Of Family Situation In Ukraine

Ukrainian UFC warrior Maryna Moroz remains stateside while her friends and family try to protect themselves against Russian military attacks.

While Moroz prepared for her fight against former training partner and rival Mariya Agapova, a war started in her country. On the night of UFC 272, she prove the strength of her people, as she told the public she would.

Maryna Moroz and Mariya Agapova
(David Becker/Getty Images)

Agapova fell prey to “The Iron Lady’s” strength and was defeated in round 2 via an arm-triangle choke. It was not only a win to end their bitter rivalry, but also a victory for her home.

After her incredible win, she gave an emotional speech. Through several tearful interviews, she expressed concern for her loved ones and her opposition towards Vladimir Putin and the war.

Moroz knows her fellow Ukrainians are dying, and sadly, she still receives news of friends succumbing to the tragic attacks. Additionally, she knows that although her family is struggling they are staying in Ukraine to fight.

“My sister and my mother take guns for protection, for not war, for protection, home protection, country, because Russian come and start like terrorist. Kill everybody, kill kids, and last news today I see 82 kids die, and I so cry. Every day I’m using pills because I’m nervous, cry, I cannot stop, I feel like almost my family dying and my country dying. It’s so scary,” Moroz explained in an interview with Fox News.

The concern for her people builds as the conflict in Europe worsens.

Moroz now holds a 3-fight win streak. After settling her rivalry with Agapova, fans of the sole female Ukrainian UFC fighter surely anticipate her next match in the Octagon, but there is uncertainty surrounding her next bout amid current events.

What are your thoughts on Maryna Moroz’s family staying in Ukraine during the conflict in Europe?

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