Monday, May 23, 2022

Masvidal: I Was Hurt When I Was Kicked Out Of American Top Team

Jorge Masvidal opens up on being thrown out of American Top Team years ago.

Jorge Masvidal will be fighting his former teammate Colby Covington on Saturday night at UFC 272. These two have a long history together. At first, they were friends, and now they are enemies. At one time they were roommates and now they are promising harm to one another. When their relationship began to fall apart they were still both training at American Top Team in Florida.

The owner of American Top Team, Dan Lambert recalled how the tension between Masvidal and Covington got so bad back then that he was forced to kick both men out of his gym. Covington was never allowed back in but Masvidal was.

Masvidal doesn’t speak of that time in his life often, but he did in the lead up to UFC 272.

“So I haven’t said anything in the media yet, and Dan puts this ultimatum. I don’t do well with ultimatums. So I immediately took to my first ‘insult’ in public of Colby, and that’s the first time I (really) attacked him,” Masvidal told ESPN. “And Dan kicked us both out. Colby didn’t even say nothing back or respond anything back. But Dan kicked us both out. And, man, I was hurt. Because I thought he was trolling me and joking me.”

American Top Team is home to many high-level fighters. With so many fighters, there are bound to be some frustrations. Lambert said that throwing Masvidal and Covington was due to things getting out of control.

“One week went by and that week turns into a month, and then two months, and then three months. This [MUTED] still not letting me in. I’m calling Dan every day because we’re still (very close),” Masvidal said. “He’s like my Uncle Dan. I’m like, ‘I’m gonna [MUTED] run you over, bro. I’m gonna take my car and take your knees out, bro, if you don’t let me back in the gym.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, go do it, but you’re still not getting into the gym because I’ve told all our coaches not to let you in.’”

Masvidal went on to say that he privately apologized to Lambert and the team and was eventually let back into the gym where he continues to train today. Lambert was getting pressure from his kids, who stopped talking to him, and his other coaches to let Masvidal back in. That was not the case with Covington, who never returned.

Now, the grudge that started inside the gym will be settled inside the Octagon this weekend at UFC 272.

Who do you have winning the main event of UFC 272, Jorge Masvidal or Colby Coviington?

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