Monday, May 16, 2022

McGregor Engages In 1st Pad Session At Crumlin Boxing Club Since Injury

Roughly two weeks to the day since Jake Paul criticized Conor McGregor’s boxing technique, now you can be the judge yourself.

After Conor McGregor cashed in on the payday of his life five years ago with the MayMac blockbuster, many MMA fans and pundits alike wondered if we’d seen the last of him.

In that fight, McGregor put up a competitive fight against the man many believe to be the best boxer to ever do it, the now 50-0 Floyd “Money” Mayweather. In fact, McGregor was able to win at least one round on every judge’s scorecard, including three on one judge’s.

Five years and a broken leg later, there are questions as to whether McGregor will be able to return to the same form as he was in 2017. One person who is not posing questions but sharing grand conclusions is YouTuber turned fellow boxer Jake Paul.

After watching McGregor take part in an outdoor sparring session as he prepares for his Octagon return later this year, Paul was unimpressed. Specifically, he categorized McGregor’s technique as “embarrassing,” which prompted the Irish legend to respond to Paul for the first time, deeming the former Disney star a “jackass.”

Tuesday, The MacLife posted another sparring session from McGregor. The video is advertised as McGregor’s first pad session back in his old stomping grounds of the Crumlin Boxing Club. You can view the video below and judge for yourself if McGregor’s form is “embarrassing” or if he’s coming along nicely ahead of his anticipated 2022 return.

How do you rate Conor McGregor’s boxing technique as he prepares for his 2022 return?

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