Monday, May 16, 2022

Watch: Police Trail Conor McGregor Before Dangerous Driving Arrest

Footage has become available of the moments immediately before Conor McGregor was pulled over and arrested for dangerous driving.

Yesterday, it was reported that McGregor was recently arrested for dangerous driving, which carries a fine of up to €5,000, a six-month prison sentence, or both. Now, cell phone footage of the police pursuing McGregor for the arrest has become available.

You can view the footage below.

The person recording the video could be heard reacting with equal parts dismay and amusement at the entire ordeal after shouting enthusiastically at “The Mac.”

McGregor has already been released on bail, and the Irishman is scheduled to appear in court next month for the charge.

This is not the first time McGregor has been arrested. A pair of other notable incidents that saw McGregor have a brush with the law is in 2019 when he was arrested for smashing a citizen’s cell phone and that same year was also charged with assault after punching an older man in the pub he currently owns.

He was also arrested for his part in the 2018 bus attack prior to UFC 223, where he and his crew were targeting Khabib Nurmagomedov.

McGregor is also currently in the middle of a civil case where he is being accused of sexual assault.

Conor McGregor is currently hoping to return to action later this year and has set his sights on Kamaru Usman as his ideal opponent as he pursues a world title in a third weight class.

MMA News will keep you updated with any further updates regarding this case.

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