Monday, May 16, 2022

McGregor Takes On Poirier & Diaz In 3-Way Twitter Exchange

UFC stars Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, and Nate Diaz have come together in a three-way Twitter exchange.

McGregor has never shied away from insulting and interacting with other fighters on social media. That’s been the case even as his form in the Octagon has dipped. Today, the Irishman found himself battling two former opponents.

The back and forth began when Diaz, who defeated McGregor at UFC 196 and fell on the wrong side of a decision to the former two-division champion at UFC 202, reacted to a recent Dana White interview. In it, the UFC President suggested a third battle between the two superstars is inevitable.

Sharing the video on Twitter, the Stockton native claimed McGregor has to “prove” himself again before earning a trilogy fight.

“Conor’s gonna have to get him some wins and prove he’s not so fragile first ..”

As expected, the former lightweight and featherweight kingpin responded. McGregor once again mocked Diaz for a knockdown that occurred in the pair’s rematch, linking back to a clip of it he posted last month.

Also, as expected, the Dubliner’s posts were quickly deleted.

Conor McGregor tweet
Conor McGregor tweet (Image Credit: @1_mma_w on Twitter)

“Bounce them titties for the dollar”

Given the number of enemies he’s made across his career, it’s perhaps never surprising to see McGregor up against more than one individual. That was no different today.

Poirier Comes To Diaz’s Aid Against McGregor

Waiting in the wings to provide support for Diaz, not that he can’t hold his own in online spats, was Poirier, another of McGregor’s rivals. While the Irishman’s feud with Diaz sits at one win apiece, he’s behind against “The Diamond” after back-to-back defeats in 2021.

Responding to McGregor’s clip, Poirier reminded his foe that Diaz isn’t the only man in the conversation who’s been sent to the canvas. The former interim lightweight titleholder posted a zoomed in video of his memorable knockout of McGregor at UFC 257 last January.

Turning the attention away from his defeats to Poirier, McGregor hit back by mentioning the Louisianan’s own setback in 2021.

Following consecutive victories over McGregor, Poirier hoped to end his year with a title crowning. Instead, he was submitted by Charles Oliveira in the main event of UFC 269, marking his second failed attempt at capturing undisputed gold.

With his response, McGregor appeared to remind Poirier of the result, whilst also utilizing Tyson Fury’s trademark “bum” insult.

Conor McGregor tweet
Conor McGregor tweet (Image Credit: @UFCFanBoy50 on Twitter)

“You blew it you bum.”

Diverting the focus back to his own victories over McGregor, Poirier suggested the “it” in the Irishman’s response referred to his own in-cage career following two setbacks in just six months to “The Diamond.”

“‘It’ meaning your fighting career”

While Poirier and Diaz have been going back and forth themselves about a potential meeting in the cage, they’ll undoubtedly always have time to interact with their former rival when the opportunity arises.

Diaz or Poirier are possible opponents for the Conor McGregor next fight.

Which side got the better of this exchange, Conor McGregor or Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz?

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