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Bob Menery Denies Covington Setup, Details Alleged Masvidal Ambush

Podcast host Bob Menery is firmly denying setting Colby Covington up to be ambushed by Jorge Masvidal.

Last week, Covington was allegedly ambushed by friend-turned-foe Jorge Masvidal outside of a Miami restaurant. There aren’t many people who can give a detailed account of what took place. Indeed, there are only three individuals that we know of who can share precisely what happened.

One eyewitness has shared their version of events, Covington has yet to open up publicly on what took place, and then there is someone else who is in a position to share details of what transpired that night: Bob Menery.

Bob Menery

After all, it was Menery who was found outside with Covington immediately after the alleged attack. And it is Menery who is being accused by his own FULL SEND PODCAST co-host Kyle Forgeard of setting Covington up to be ambushed by Masvidal.

In an appearance on Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk podcast, Menery gave his account of what exactly happened outside Papi Steak Restaurant that fateful night in Miami and addressed whether or not he played a hand in it as accused.

“I was focused as the guy who set him up, which is the most comical thing in the world,” Menery began. “For anybody that knows me and the reasons I have such great relationships and whatnot is I try to pride myself on being a respectful guy that would never, ever do anything like that for clickbait.

“I don’t give a fuck about that shit. I’ll let Kyle [Forgeard] or whoever wants to do that shit do that shit. But I was pinned as that guy because the famous little TMZ video that came out shows me, cops all around Colby, and then shows me walking up to him and say, ‘My bad.’”

Menery states that the “my bad” apology to Covington was because the alleged ambush took place under his watch. Menery would also walk listeners through what took place once he and Covington left the restaurant.

Bob Menery Details Masvidal’s Alleged Ambush Of Covington

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Colby Covington Outside Papi Steak Restaurant After Allegedly Being Ambushed By Jorge Masvidal

Similar to the eyewitness’ account, Menery claims that immediately after he and Covington exited the restaurant, Jorge Masvidal came out of nowhere and struck Covington multiple times. Menery claims there was no warning or conversation prior to the sudden attack.

Menery was unsure of how many others were with Masvidal, but he did corroborate the victim’s account on the police report that Masvidal was not alone. However, Menery implied that there was no conversation prior to the attack, while the victim’s account in the police report states Masvidal said something along the lines of, ‘You shouldn’t have been talking about my kids,’ right before the attack.

Menery admitted to having had multiple drinks prior to the alleged incident, thus his memory of that night is not exceptionally lucid. He also may have meant to simply state that there was no real warning or two-way dialogue before the attack, not necessarily that Masvidal uttered nothing at all.

Menery stated that as Covington retreated back inside the restaurant after Masvidal’s blows, he impulsively stood in front of Masvidal and asked what he was doing, prompting “Gamebred” to shout in his face. This, according to Menery, sufficiently intimidated him and led him to swiftly assure Masvidal that he did not want any trouble.

Jorge Masvidal Mugshot
Jorge Masvidal Mugshot

One very important update that Menery shared is that, shortly before appearing on this podcast, he had spoken to Covington and asked him to drop the charges against Masvidal.

Menery stated that he does not know whether Covington will follow his advice. Thus, the charges against Masvidal of second-degree felony aggravated battery and criminal mischief currently remain, and the UFC superstar is still due to appear in court next month.

What Menery does know, he says, is that regardless of the rumors or Forgeard’s accusation, he had nothing to do with Masvidal allegedly getting the jump on Covington.

“At the end of the day, for people to say ‘I read it on Twitter’ and shit, all that shit bothers me. Like, oh, the Nelk Boys set him up, let me tell you what. Kyle and all them, they do a lot of pranks and whatnot. When I’m involved, none of that fuckin’ shit happens on my watch. Because my reputation is too important to me and I never want to be tied to that. And that’s why I was so mad that night.”

You can view Bob Menery’s full account of what allegedly transpired between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington along with his denial of any involvement within the first few minutes of the video below.

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