Wednesday, May 18, 2022

MMA Fighter Allegedly Rapes Two Women After Release From Jail

MMA fighter Charles Goodwin has allegedly sexually assaulted two women at Liverpool University shortly after being released from jail.

Goodwin had been released by local police despite being under investigation for a separate sexual assault accusation. A student at Liverpool University, Goodwin went on to allegedly assault two more women at a residence hall shortly after being released from custody.

The alleged victims reported the incidents to local police and Goodwin is back behind bars.

A jury at Liverpool Crown Court has found Goodwin guilty of rape, assault by penetration, and sexual assault of two additional women in the area. Judge David Swinnerton warned the MMA fighter in court to expect a severe penalty for his crimes.

“I am going to order a per-sentence report to be prepared by probation to include the extent to which you present a danger to women and the outcome of that may affect sentence,” Swinnerton told Goodwin. “Please prepare yourself for a lengthy period of imprisonment.” (h/t DailyMail)

During the investigation, Goodwin has allegedly described himself as a “sex god” and “hopeless romantic” in defense of his actions.

Goodwin’s MMA background has not been made public and it can be presumed that he has potentially competed on the amateur scene near Liverpool, UK.

What is your reaction to Charles Goodwin’s rape case?

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