Tuesday, May 17, 2022

MMA Fighter Kyle Sefcik Leads Failed DC Trucker Convoy

MMA fighter Kyle Sefcik attempted to organize a trucker rally in Washington D.C. to protest U.S. President Joe Biden, but it failed miserably.

Sefcik, who is currently running for governor of Maryland, organized a rally in Washington D.C with estimations of at least 3,000 people attending. But only 12 people showed up for the gathering.

After reciting the Pledge of Allegiance with the small group, Sefcik allegedly went into a diatribe aimed at those who failed to show up.

“Where are the trucks?! Where are the trucks?!” Sefcik said, according to Hot Air. “I know the ones that I had planned coming… they’re not even allowed in because they need a commercial license and have proof of a checkoff today because of the checkpoints, so they weren’t even able to stage and make it look cool here.”

Sefcik is 1-2 in his professional MMA career but hasn’t competed since 2013. His lone win came against Micah Terrill at Shogun Fights 7 after winning his lone amateur fight over Lucas Wright.

Sefcik isn’t the only MMA fighter who has made his voice heard on controversial political issues. UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell recently said that he plans to resist the U.S. government until his death.

What is your reaction to this failed protest?

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