Monday, May 23, 2022

Victim Of Rapist MMA Fighter Suffers Heartbreaking Aftermath

A young woman who was sexually assaulted by former MMA fighter and business student Charles Lawrence Goodwin Jr tragically endures traumatic changes since the heinous act.

Goodwin Jr was arrested on suspicion of raping two young women at the University of Liverpool. He had previously been released from police custody while pending investigation for another sexual assault.

Thankfully, for the victims of Goodwin Jr’s callous acts, the judge sentenced him to 17 years in prison. On March 21, Judge Garrett Byrne put the 21-year-old away for rape, assault by penetration, and attempting to choke a student in Manchester.

It took 13 days of a grueling trial in which the victims were forced to describe the horrific moment. And from their statements, unfortunately, life has taken a downward spiral.

One of his victims, Sarah*, has been unable to maintain a steady life with herself and her personal relationships.

For instance, Because her sexual assault happened under the influence of alcohol, she no longer feels safe drinking around strangers. Additionally, Sarah’s intimate relationship with her boyfriend has been affected.

“It’s had a massive impact on our relationship, because I had to say to him from the get-go that sometimes when we have sex I might cry or I might have a panic attack. And it has happened a few times.” (h/t Liver Pool Echo)

She’s also left her student accommodation at Liverpool and feels out of touch with her original, happy persona. And sadly, his other victims lead a similar life.

Goodwin Jr’s defense blames his misogynistic attitude and behavior towards women on the relationship he has with his mother and a lack of emotional intelligence.

Perhaps, the victims somehow find a point to breathe now that their rapist is behind bars. And, for the next 17 years, Goodwin Jr can hopefully reflect on his actions.

*Name changed upon request

What are your thoughts on the Charles Goodwin Jr verdict?

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