Monday, May 16, 2022

Watch: MMA Referee Halts Post-Fight Brawl With Brute Force

A Brave CF title fight between Mohammad Fakhreddine and Mohamed Said Maalem nearly had a chaotic aftermath before an MMA referee stepped in.

Fakhreddine earned a first-round TKO victory over Maalem at Brave CF 57 to claim the promotion’s vacant light heavyweight title. The two had been on each other’s nerves for months, stemming from their first matchup that resulted in a no-contest at Brave CF 52.

Fakhreddine was hyped up after earning the knockout, running to his opponent’s corner and trash-talking them just seconds after the finish. Things began to escalate when one of Maalem’s cornermen attempted to jump into the cage and engage in a brawl with Fakhreddine and his team.

That’s all before referee Aaron Wallace grabbed Fakhreddine and carried him by himself to the other side of the cage. Wallace’s actions would need repeating as Fakhreddine broke free and nearly brawled again with Maalem and his corner.

Wallace would take his heroics one step further by grabbing Fakhreddine with one arm, and Fakhreddine’s cornermen with the other away from the chaotic scene. It was a wild moment that drew quite the reaction from the crowd and the broadcast team.

Check out the fight’s aftermath and Wallace’s moment of fame below.

While Wallace’s actions to calm the scene attracted a lot of attention, the chaos may fuel the fire towards a trilogy between Fakhreddine and Maalem in the future. If a trilogy happens, look for Wallace to potentially get the nod to officiate in case things get out of hand again.

What is your reaction to this wild referee moment?

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