Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Is Paddy Pimblett The UFC’s Next Cash Cow?

Paddy Pimblett is set to grace the famous Octagon at UFC London with an intention to ramp up his value with another win.

Ever since his victory at UFC Vegas 36, interest in ‘The Baddy’ has skyrocketed. Not only has his fighting ability caught the attention of fans worldwide, but also his unique personality.

His post-fight interview that night caused waves across social media with audiences who are not even remotely interested in the sport finding appreciation for Pimblett’s way of words.

Meanwhile, his own personal social media followings went through the roof with fans purchasing a one-way ticket on the hype train. Pimblett’s Instagram rose from 28,000 followers to 700,000 on fight week alone.

He blitzed his way through Luigi Vendramini that night, in the 1st round, just how he predicted it. The Scouser even declared “I’m the new cash cow” in his post-fight UFC octagon interview.

All was not perfect in Vegas as Pimblett had to deal with his fair share of adversity in the fight with Vendramini testing the chin of the former Cage Warriors champion early on. However, Pimblett did survive to score a memorable knockout victory in his UFC debut.

One loss early on in his UFC career could damage all momentum and see fans question whether he has what it takes to go far in the organization. At the age of 27, Pimblett is still young in comparison to the age of his peers.

That said, ‘The Baddy’ has already had the experience of going through setbacks having lost three times in his career. Those could well be seen as learning curves for Pimblett to sharpen his tools, making him a more dangerous well-rounded prospect in the UFC.

The UFC lightweight tends to also have the knack of getting himself into heat on social media which may well damage his reputation. While Pimblett views any PR as good PR, he will need to be vigilant that he keeps the fans on his side if he is to build a fanbase that will profit him into the UFC’s next cash cow.

Paddy Pimblett
Paddy Pimblett

The 27-year-old has already seen accounts of his banned on both Instagram and Twitter resulting in enormous amounts of followers lost in the process. Pimblett has since created new accounts, yet has struggled to gain the remarkable figures that were previously rolled in.

Pimblett is expecting an iconic UFC walkout when he makes his entrance to the octagon on Saturday as he takes on Rodrigo Vargas on the main card of UFC London. It appears that the Scouser could follow in the footsteps of Darren Till in doing so, who has previously built his legacy off of his beloved British fanbase’s support.

A successful first UFC appearance in front of fans could see Pimblett cause havoc. That will certainly be what ‘The Baddy’ is expecting to happen as he looks to steal the limelight once more with the hype train of Pimblett set to take center stage at UFC London.

Do you think Paddy Pimblett could become the UFC’s next cash cow?

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