Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Paddy Pimblett Responds To Ilia Topuria Saying He’s Afraid To Fight

Paddy Pimblett has responded to Ilia Topuria already accusing him of ducking him.

Before UFC London was even a thought, Pimblett and Topuria went back-and-forth on social media. Pimblett said some controversial things on social media about Georgia, where Topuria is from. It caused a major backlash and with them being on the same card at UFC London, they had a run-in at the hotel.

Topuria and his team saw Pimblett in a room and approached him. After some words were exchanged, Pimblett threw a hand sanitizer bottle at his head. To no surprise, after Topuria picked up a KO win over Jai Herbert, he called out Pimblett but ‘The Baddy’ doesn’t seem too interested in it.

“As I said, he’s just ‘hand sanitizer boy to me.’ A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep,” Pimblett said after the fight.

Although Pimblett didn’t seem too interested in facing Toupira, the Georgian said it is because he doesn’t have the “balls” to fight him. However, for the Brit, he says that is not the case as for him, he says everyone wants to fight him and he’s the star so he will decide who he gets next.

“Everyone wants to fight me. Everyone wants to hang on my coattails. No one knew who ‘hand sanitizer boy’ was until he decided to start an altercation with me. No one knew who he was. I’m the (star). Everyone wants to fight me.”

Paddy Pimblett did score a first-round submission over Kazula Vargas at UFC London. It improved him to 2-0 in the UFC and he is now an even bigger star as fans got to see how well-received he is in England. Ilia Topuria, meanwhile, scored a vicious KO win over Jai Herbert, but it seems likely he will drop down to featherweight.

Do you think we will see Paddy Pimblett fight Ilia Topuria?

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