Thursday, May 26, 2022

Paddy Pimblett Preemptively Responds To Critics After UFC London

Paddy Pimblett can already hear his critics after his latest victory at UFC London; thus, “The Baddy” has preemptively issued a response.

At UFC London, Paddy Pimblett continued to add steam to his hype train with a submission victory over Rodrigo “Kazula” Vargas. Not unlike his UFC debut, Pimblett experienced some early turbulence, but he and his star power rode out the wave until his heralded words rang true with “The Baddy” having his hand raised after another first-round finish.

However, given the fact that some believe Pimblett was thrown a gimme fight in Vargas, who entered the bout with a 1-2 UFC record, the struggles endured in the opening moments of the fight may be glaring to some of his critics.

Pimblett, well aware of this sect even before they’ve had a chance to congregate, addressed and mocked the argument he anticipates from them during the UFC London post-fight press conference.

“The funny thing is, lad, the haters are gonna hate still, lad,” Pimblett said when asked about silencing his critics. “(MOCKING CRITICS) ‘Oh, you couldn’t even take him down? You got hit with a big punch. [DROOLING NOISE] Your defense is shit.’

“Who won? You know what I mean? Who won, lad? It was me in the first round.”

Indeed it was Pimblett, not Vargas, who had his hand raised yesterday. Pimblett now moves to 2-0 in the UFC and the 27-year-old “Baddy” will be continuing his races onto the next challenge. Who and when that will be? Only time will tell.

But if you ask Paddy while hushing the noise of his critics, there is one sure-fire answer that will ring loud and clear: Pimblett will blast deafeningly loud as the A-side regardless.

What did you think of Paddy Pimblett’s UFC London performance?

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