Friday, May 27, 2022

Strickland Reminds “Homophobe” Paulo Costa Of ‘History-Making’ Moment

[DISCLAIMER: The following article contains highly sensitive language. Reader discretion is advised.]

Paulo Costa has found himself to be the target of Sean Strickland‘s latest NSFW rant.

Recently, Costa called out Strickland to be his next opponent inside the UFC Octagon. The problem? According to Strickland, the UFC had already put the kibosh on the suggestion due to uncertainty surrounding Costa’s future in the middleweight division.

This has not stopped Costa from continuing to provoke and prod Strickland on social media. In one instance, Costa went so far as to post a tweet with a homophobic insult toward Strickland.

“Hahaha fuc fag,” Costa posted in a retweet of a video of Strickland in a viral sparring session.

In an interview with The Schmo, Strickland fired back at Costa by reminding the Brazilian of a post-fight moment he’d rather soon forget.

“Fuckin’ Costa. What is it with that guy?” Strickland began. “He was calling me a fuckin’ fag. Costa, there’s only one man who has been dry-humped in the UFC, bro, and that has been fuckin’ you. Callin’ me a fag?”

Strickland has been the subject of controversy for past remarks in relation to the LGBTQ community, most notably when he stated that having a homosexual son would mean he failed as a man.

Since that highly controversial statement, the middleweight has stated that he is not homophobic and that he “loves gay men.”

He does, however, believe the “homophobe” label is fitting for Costa, whom he believes has past demons to sort through on account of Adesanya’s post-fight celebration at UFC 253.

Video: Adesanya humps Costa like a dog, mocks corner at UFC 253 -

“I’m not going around calling people fags. I love the gays. Paulo Costa, this fuckin’ guy, he’s over here being a fuckin’ homophobe just because he got molested once by fuckin’ Izzy. That’s not fuckin’ cool, bro,” Strickland said.

Strickland would go on to state that despite the UFC shutting down a potential fight between them, he would happily entertain the thought of fighting Costa on the streets. In the meantime, Strickland is preparing to fight Alex Pereira at UFC 277 this July.

What do you make of the beef between Sean Strickland and Paulo Costa?

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