Saturday, May 28, 2022

Podcast Host Accused Of Setting Covington Up For Masvidal Ambush

Podcaster Bob Menery is being accused of setting Colby Covington up to get ambushed by Jorge Masvidal in the alleged restaurant attack last week.

One week ago today, Masvidal allegedly tracked sworn enemy Colby Covington down at Miami’s Papi Steak Restaurant, where he is being accused of assaulting his former roommate.

In one of the videos released that captured the aftermath of the incident, Covington could be heard asking co-host of the FULL SEND PODCAST Bob Menery how Masvidal knew where he was, to which Menery responded “You’re all over the internet.”

Now, according to Menery’s own FULL SEND co-host Kyle Forgeard, there could be more to it than that.

Forgeard alleges that Menery was texting Masvidal while they were out to dinner with Covington and that something doesn’t add up.

You can find Forgeard’s accusation below.

“Just a little disclaimer for all the UFC fans, I know you guys saw what happened with the whole restaurant shit with Colby and Masvidal. Bob Menery actually set Colby up. So I did see him texting Masvidal while we were at dinner with Colby. So now that I think about it, something really isn’t adding up. So I don’t know. I think Bob set him up.”

There is always a chance that Forgeard is being facetious and not really throwing his co-host under the bus. But at face value, there appears to be little evidence of such context.

Readers may also be interested to learn that during Covington’s appearance on the FULL SEND PODCAST, which was filmed right before the aforementioned dinner, Menery told Covington to his face how he thought Usman dominated him in their fight, and a guest host claimed that Menery called Covington a “pussy” before Covington arrived on set.

Jorge Masvidal was charged with second-degree felony battery for his alleged assault of Covington and is due back in court on April 21.

What do you make of the accusation that Bob Menery set up Colby Covington to be ambushed by Jorge Masvidal?

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