Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Sean Strickland Blasts ‘Pathetic’ Colby Covington Over Recent Comments

It’s safe to say that Sean Strickland is not a fan of Colby Covington.

After Covington defeated Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272, he was asked in an interview about his thoughts on Strickland, and ‘Chaos’ was dismissive saying he didn’t know who he was and wondered if Strickland was a girl.

After catching wind of the comments, Strickland took to his Instagram to blast Covington for his comments. (h/t MMAMania)

“I thought [Donald] Trump’s c—k would of been too deep in your mouth for you to speak …” Strickland’s caption to an Instagram video read. “Just because someone can fight doesn’t mean their not a coward.. @colbycovmma Look what happened when you got called out for being a troll you ran away and pulled out your phone. You’re a f-cking Karen.

“Covington, you like to run your f—king mouth,” Strickland continued. “You didn’t run your mouth when I seen you now you run your mouth now on the internet. Bro, we all see what [Fabricio] Werdum did to you. Werdum walked up to you, f—king punked you, you ran away and you pulled out your phone and recorded him like a f—king Karen, bro. You’re a f—king embarrassment. Yeah, I’ll be honest with you, you’re a good fighter but like, as far as a man, you’re f—king pathetic.”

Of course, the Werdum incident he is talking about was when he allegedly threw a boomerang at Covington in Australia and it caused quite a scene. It also shouldn’t be a surprise to see Sean Strickland take a shot at Covington, as he is also vocal about a lot of things.

Although Strickland is taking a shot at Covington, it seems unlikely they will ever fight. Strickland is at middleweight and seems comfortable there while Covington is a welterweight. However, he has talked about wanting to face Israel Adesanya, so maybe he’ll consider moving up to face Strickland first prior to ideally challenging Adesanya.

Would you like to see Sean Strickland fight Colby Covington?

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