Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Strickland Issues Surprising Apology After Making Fun Of Obese Women

UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland shocked some in the MMA community when he apologized after joking about overweight women.

Strickland has been known for his out-of-the-Octagon endeavors arguably more than some of his successes inside of it. He is coming off an impressive main event victory over Jack Hermansson in his last fight.

Strickland has been known to cross the line on separate occasions in the opinions of some fans, especially when it comes to giving his thoughts on topics like homosexuality and, in this case, overweight women.

It’s unclear what Strickland originally said about overweight women, but he issued an apology on his social media.

“I shouldn’t have made fun of the over weight woman.. not cool,” Strickland said. “Moment of weakness sponsor ads just piss me off.. heart disease is real and fucked up. We shouldn’t joke about it, I have fat family members. I’m sorry, I’ll be better from now on.”

Strickland has been known to communicate without much of a filter in media interviews and on his various social media platforms. He has previously said that if he had a gay son, he would’ve felt he failed as a man.

Strickland has also said that he would take pleasure in murdering someone inside of an Octagon. This was met with critics around the UFC, including Belal Muhammad.

Strickland has also accused UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya of using steroids. He could be nearing a title shot against Adesanya after his recent wins inside the cage.

Strickland has never been afraid to speak his mind, which isn’t surprising to most UFC fans. But the fact that he’s still able to admit when he feels he did something wrong could be seen as a surprise to many.

What is your reaction to Sean Strickland apologizing?

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