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Georges St-Pierre Details Stalkers Visiting Parents’ House To Find Him

UFC legend and Hall of Famer Georges St-Pierre has detailed some of the “scary” experiences he’s had with fans visiting the home of his parents in Canada.

St-Pierre is widely regarded as the greatest welterweight of all time and one of the leading contenders in the overall GOAT race. It only takes quick look at his résumé to see why. His list of accomplishments is endless.

In winning gold at both 170 and 185 pounds, “Rush” defeated names like Michael Bisping, Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit, Dan Hardy, Thiago Alves, BJ Penn, and Matt Serra. At welterweight, GSP secured the most wins in UFC history (now tied with Neil Magny), the most title fight victories, and the most defenses.

Having retired at his peak following championship success at middleweight, it’s hard to pinpoint a greater legacy than that of Georges St-Pierre.

But what comes with that fame and popularity? Supporters. What does an insane amount of fanfare bring? Some bad eggs.

St-Pierre: ‘Some People Are Obsessed’

During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, St-Pierre described the lengths some people go to try and interact with him in-person.

While discussing his decision to maintain privacy in regards to his family life throughout his career, the Canadian star noted how that isn’t always possible when it comes to fans.

“To this day, I’ve got people sometimes trying to reach out to me, going to my parents’ house,” revealed St-Pierre. “They knock at the door and say, Hey, can we talk to Georges? My parents are very good people. They are kind of, a little bit naive sometimes because they’re from the countryside. They don’t know sometimes how bad people can be. Like, stalkers and stuff. Some people are kind of obsessed.

“They don’t know this, so they’re like, Oh, Georges is not there unfortunately, he moved out of the house years ago,” added St-Pierre. “I told them, I said, You should not open the door to these people. You don’t know who’s coming. It’s dangerous. So, my life is public. But please, don’t get to my family.”

Describing one particular instance, St-Pierre recalled how one woman arrived at his family home hoping to spark a romantic relationship with him.

“It’s very easy to find my family in a phonebook because I’m from the countryside. I’m from a very small town… There was people that were coming, even from the US, to get to me. Sometimes it’s scary. I’ve had some crazy experiences. There even, at one point, there was a girl who came from very far. She wanted to go out with me. She (went to) my parents’ house, she say, Where is Georges? I think we’re made for one another… It’s insane,” concluded St-Pierre.

While fame undoubtedly brings with it an abundance of benefits and wealth, St-Pierre’s words are a reminder that it’s not all fun and games being in the public eye.

What do you make of fans visiting the homes of celebrities like Georges St-Pierre and their families?

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