Thursday, May 26, 2022

Tai Tuivasa Sends “Idiot” Greg Hardy Some Employment Advice

UFC heavyweight Tai Tuivasa recently offered his thoughts on the future of Greg Hardy following the former NFL defensive end’s third straight loss.

After joining the UFC three fights into his MMA career, which came after a departure from the NFL, Hardy’s future in the cage looked promising. But since a victory over Juan Adams in 2019 extended his Octagon start to 2-0, it’s been largely downhill.

2-4-1 in his last seven, Hardy has tasted defeat to names like Marcin Tybura and Alexander Volkov. His two victories in that period have come against Maurice Greene and Yorgan de Castro, both of whom have since been let go after losing streaks.

It appears “Prince of War” has now met the same fate. At UFC 272 earlier this month, Hardy hoped to rebound against Sergey Spivak. Instead, the pay-per-view main card opened with another first-round stoppage loss for the 33-year-old.

This past weekend, Hardy appeared to announce his release from MMA’s premier promotion, confirming a departure many had expected following UFC 272.

But Hardy doesn’t need to fear because one man is already looking out for his future endeavors, although it’s probably not someone prepared to offer him a glittering reference…

Tuivasa Plays Headhunter For Fast Food Chain

Tai Tuivasa and Greg Hardy met inside the Octagon last July at UFC 264. In a crazy fight for as long as it lasted, the Tennessee native rocked the Australian, before being knocked out himself after rushing in to find the finish.

“Bam Bam” drew headlines for not only the KO, but his walkout music and post-fight shoeys. His popularity has since increased, as has the speed with which he’s rising the heavyweight ladder.

But despite being knocked out, Hardy continued his war of words with Tuivasa, claiming the now-#3-ranked heavyweight “cowarded” out of a brawl at UFC 264. Even as recently as UFC 272 fight week, “Prince of War” had Tuivasa’s name on his lips, this time to slam the Aussie for not wanting a rematch.

While Hardy hasn’t shied away from insulting him, Tuivasa has still been generous enough to offer his foe some employment advice, which may come in handy given the latest developments.

Prior to Hardy’s apparent release, Tuivasa encouraged his former opponent to swap the MMA gloves for a spatula, and the punching for some flipping…

“How can he talk smack when he just got smacked again?” Tuivasa said of Hardy’s pre-UFC 272 trash talk during an appearance on The MMA Hour. “He’s an idiot. He should go bloody work at a McDonalds or something.”

There we have it. Recently made redundant? Let go by your employers? In search of a new career path? Give Tuivasa a call.

Perhaps if you’re not on the wrong side of “Bam Bam,” you may do better than McDonalds. If you buy one of his Shoeyvasas, maybe he’ll even line you up for a CEO position.

What’s next for Greg Hardy following his UFC release?

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