Saturday, May 28, 2022

Tom Aspinall: Tai Tuivasa Will Pop My Cherry

UFC heavyweight Tom Aspinall has offered fellow contender Tai Tuivasa the chance to pop a certain alcohol-related cherry of his.

If anyone was uncertain of Aspinall’s credentials as a member of the heavyweight elite in the UFC prior to this past weekend, it stands to reason they aren’t anymore.

In the main event of UFC London, which took place inside the O2 Arena in England’s capital, Aspinall thrilled the home crowd by submitting former Bellator champion and six-time UFC headliner Alexander Volkov. The finish, which came via a straight armbar, represented the Russian’s first submission loss since 2010.

Having breezed past “Drago” and risen five spots to #6 in the rankings, Aspinall has set his sights on a member of the top five, and a charismatic and entertaining one, at that.

After calling out the #3-ranked Tuivasa in his Octagon interview, Aspinall channeled his inner “Bam Bam” by chugging some beer on his way to the back. But one thing was missing… a shoe.

Aspinall: Only Tuivasa Can Take My Shoey Virginity

In less than a year, Tuivasa’s brand as a fighter has expanded into the shoey business. What started after a victory over Greg Hardy last July at UFC 264 has quickly become a mainstream topic, and even a profitable one for the Australian powerhouse, even if the UFC did keep the most recent shoey celebration at UFC 271 off our screens…

Given the questions directed towards Tuivasa and Derrick Lewis ahead of their clash last month, it seems inevitable that shoey talk will be an integral part of the 29-year-old’s pre-fight buildups from now on. And while a clash with Aspinall is far from official, the drinking practice is already on the agenda.

During his appearance at the UFC London post-fight press conference, Aspinall revealed he’s yet to lose his ‘shoey virginity’. The Englishman also praised Tuivasa for developing the shoey into a business in the form of the ‘Shoeyvasa’.

“I’m a shoey virgin at the moment, but if Tai wants to do one, I will,” confirmed Aspinall. “Big shout out to Tai for doing his thing with the shoey. I started seeing that he’s making money off that as well so, respect man.”

When MMA journalist Oscar Willis wanted in on the shoey action then and there, Aspinall revealed there’s only one man who can pop his shoey cherry.

“I’ll only do one with Tai… When Tai comes to the UK, Tai will pop my cherry,” said Aspinall.

While the prospect of post-fight shoeys is always a bonus for the fans in attendance, the one constant that’s remained alongside Tuivasa’s celebrations is his brutal knockouts that have come prior to them.

With Aspinall now experiencing a similar rise up the heavyweight ranks and recording a victory over a high-ranked perennial contender, a matchup with Tuivasa is sure to bring fireworks if it comes to fruition.

UFC London: Aspinall vs. Tuivasa later this year anyone?

How do you think a fight between Tai Tuivasa and Tom Aspinall would play out? Would we see “Bam Bam” complete another victory shoey?

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