Triller Acquires The Pillow Fighting Championship

Recently, Triller Fight Club announced they have formed an agreement to buy Pillow Fighting Championship.

Triller Fight Club has become a massive combat sports sensation. The promotion has reportedly sold millions in their unique PPV events.

Triller Triad Combat headlined legendary European heavyweight boxer Kubrat Pulev and UFC veteran Frank Mir in its inaugural event late last year. In the same year, the promotion hosted the Jake Paul and Ben Askren fight in which anticipating fans witnessed the YouTube star finish the MMA fighter in under two minutes.

Jake Paul and Ben Askren
Jake Paul and Ben Askren at Triller, Photo Credit: Getty Images

Through Triller, MMA, and boxing, fans get to see fights they didn’t think possible. And not only does Triller deliver boxing and MMA bouts, but they also host wrestling, football, and music entertainment events.

The promotion has acquired a number of championships and recently bought the Pillow Fighting Championship (PFC).

The PFC is mostly what it sounds like—two opponents fight each other with pillows. Think of it as a safer alternative to the violence of MMA, which sees most fighters a bloody mess by the end of the first round.

The family-friendly competitive sport of pillow fighting features matches with strict rules, a specialized pillow, and opponents skilled in martial arts and Boxing. However, the PFC is not only for adults. Parents can sign their children up to participate in events.

Competitors in the Pillow Fight Championship
Competitors in the Pillow Fight Championship, Photo Credit: FightPFC / Getty Images

Acquiring the PFC makes another big-money move for Triller this year. They also announced buying a huge stake in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. The recent acquisitions follow their purchase of Fite, which happened last year.

Are you excited for PFC’s first event under Triller Fight Club?

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