Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Ukrainian UFC Fighter Denys Bondar Suffers Loss Of Home

Ukrainian UFC fighter Denys Bondar has lost his home and gym ‘Kharkov Top Team’ to Russian bombings.

The war in Europe continues to take a toll on innocent lives. Russian military attacks on Ukrainian land have taken hundreds of lives and left many people homeless.

Thankfully, Bondar and his family were unharmed in the attack. But they are now without a home and with the gym also destroyed, it leaves a lot of questions for the new UFC fighter.

Fighters from Russia and Ukraine carry a heavy burden at this time. Sanctions continue to grow against Russian athletes; meanwhile, Ukrainian athletes that are away from their native country likely live in fear and worry as their families are devastated by the crisis.

For example, Maryna Moroz fights this Saturday at UFC 272 and has expressed her concern for her family while she remains in the states.

“Psycho” Bondar’s MMA career is an absolute astonishment. At just 29-years-old, Denys Bondar has made incredible strides in the world of MMA.

Denys Bondar
Denys Bondar, Photo Credit: World Warriors Fighting Championship

The flyweight has racked up 10 submissions and 4 knockouts in his 17 professional fights and became the WWFC champion in 2019, a stellar résumé that began in 2015.

His amateur career is impressive, as well—14 fights, only 2 losses. In comparison, Bondar has four losses in his professional track, which includes his recent loss at his UFC debut.

Canadian fighter Malcolm “X” Gordon put an end to Bondar’s eight-fight win streak in the first round, leaving him with a nasty arm injury.

It is likely the loss did not dampen his fighting spirit. However, in lieu of recent events, there is much uncertainty surrounding the fighter’s future.

Denys Bondar and his family
Denys Bondar and his family, Photo Credit: World Warriors Fighting Championship

Hopefully, Bondar, his family, and fellow gym members will remain safe during this time as they figure out where to pick up the pieces.

What are your thoughts on Denys Bondar’s unfortunate situation?

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