Thursday, May 26, 2022

GRAPHIC: Ukrainian MMA Fighter Allegedly Tortured By Extremists

Ukrainian MMA fighter Maxim Ryndovskiy is reportedly being held hostage and tortured by Ukrainian nationalists for his involvement with Chechen MMA and being seen at Donetsk People’s Republic(DNR) and the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR).

The crisis in Ukraine rages on and continues to show the ugly sides of humanity. As the conflict worsens, more innocent lives are put in danger.

Recently, a video circulated of extremists torturing a person who resembles MMA fighter Maxim Ryndovskiy. His face is covered, but certain tattoos on the alleged torture victim’s body match Ryndovskiy’s.

Warning: This photo below may contain graphic content that is sensitive to some viewers.

Maxim Ryndovskiy
Maxim Ryndovskiy, Photo Credit: Twitter

Political analyst Marina Dubovikova posted the video on her Twitter. Warning: This video may contain graphic content that is sensitive to some viewers.

“In Kyiv, local [I don’t know to fucking call them] extremists caught and brutally torture a famous Ukrainian athlete, MMA fighter, Maxim Ryndovsky. All his fault is that he trained with the Chechen club “Akhmat”,” Dubovikova tweeted.

Other sources such as sports and politics journalist Karim Zidan and BBC World News foreign policy analyst Clint Ehrlich report it is Ryndovskiy in the video and the belief is he was kidnapped on suspicion of being a traitor for having Russian ties.

Ryndovskiy has openly stated his opposition to the war in Europe. It is reported that outside of his Twitch account, his other social media platforms have been removed.

Many of his Twitch live titles are “anti-war,” which raises many questions as to the true motive of the alleged hostage situation.

Ryndovskiy’s last MMA bout was in 2017 in the Ukrainian Professional League of Horting(UPLH), the first and only professional fight of his career.

He took home the victory in round 1 after delivering a TKO to his opponent, Artem Klochko.

What are your thoughts on Maxim Ryndovskiy allegedly being held hostage and tortured by Ukrainian extremists?

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