Monday, May 16, 2022

Ukrainian UFC Fighter Maryna Moroz Curses Out ‘B**ch’ Vladimir Putin

Maryna Moroz will fight at UFC 272 despite Vladimir Putin’s advances on the country’s land and independence.

Born in Vilnohirsk, Ukraine, Moroz has family members to worry about during her grudge match with Kazakhstan’s Mariya Agapova on March 5.

The entire world is shaken up by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attacks against Ukraine. The act of war has and continues to take innocent Ukrainian lives.

But “The Iron Lady’s” spirit remains strong during the tragedy. And in an interview with TMZ Sports, she had a few choice words for the Russian President:

“F**k you, bitch! I love my country. Don’t touch Ukraine!”

A multitude of Russian and Ukrainian athletes have openly stated they disagree with Putin’s actions and are against war. It is a scary thought that while fighting for their country’s respect and honor, many athletes are without their families during this catastrophic time.

“It’s hard time for Ukraine. I want to support my country, my president, whole army in Ukraine, and I want to say we don’t want war. I worry about my family right now,” Moroz continued to say.

Of course, the pressure of the fight exists but it is much bigger than that now. Moroz carries Ukrainian pride and will do her best to prove the strength and resilience of her people.

“I will be fighting and I show that Ukraine people are strong, and my flag will be in the Octagon.”

Moroz joins a long list of European athletes, from soccer to MMA, competing in championships while reading the horrific news of the war on Ukraine. The UFC fighter is currently on a two-fight win streak and will look to stay in the winner’s circle despite the absence of peace in her home country.

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