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On This Day Six Years Ago…


If you thought the trash-talk between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier was intense on-camera, wait until you hear what they have to say to each other when they think they’re not on camera.

Footage leaked this week that shows Jones and Cormier talking trash to each other as they walked to their cars after the UFC “Unstoppable” press conference last weekend.

Transcribed below is a recap of what Jones and D.C. said to each other on the way to their cars after the press event, which you can see in the video footage embedded above.

Jon Jones: “You’re the lamest b*tch ass I’ve ever met, bro.”
Daniel Cormier: “What does that make you?”
Jones: “Talking all this sh*t outside with your bodyguards.”
Cormier: “When have I ever backed down from a fight with you?”
Jones: “Daniel, suck my d*ck, man. F*ck your cheerleading squad.”

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