Monday, May 16, 2022

Watch: MMA Fighter Accidentally Drops Referee With Rolling Thunder Kick

There was a surprise knockout during the semi-finals of Brave Combat Federation’s MMA Super Cup tournament.

Thursday morning, a video of an MMA referee getting inadvertently hit by a rolling kick hit social media. The incident occurred during the Ireland vs. Mexico round of fights. The kick appeared to fully connect with the referee, thus sending him down to the canvas.

Fortunately, the ref was able to recover and continued calling the fight.

You can watch the shocking sequence below.

What Is MMA Super Cup?

This is the inaugural edition of Brave CF’s MMA SuperCup tournament. The event is held in association with the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation and is an amateur MMA tournament with fighters from across the globe representing their nations. The tournament includes eight nations in total and is being held from March 9-12.

There are nine fighters per team (seven males and two females), one for each weight class, and three alternates (two males and one female) per team. There are nine fights for each round of the tournament, with every bout consisting of 180-second rounds. There are overtime rounds in the event in a draw. Whichever team has the most wins at the end of the nine fights will advance to the next stage of the tournament.

The prize money for the tournament is as follows:

First Place: $100,000

Second Place: $75,000

Third Place: $50,000

You can view the MMA Super Cup tournament with a subscription to IMMAFTV starting at $6.99. You can learn more about the MMA Super Cup tournament here.

Are you watching the inaugural MMA Super Cup tournament?

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