Monday, May 16, 2022

World Taekwondo Strips Vladimir Putin Of His Honorary Taekwondo Belt

Because of the assault on Ukraine, World Taekwondo has taken away Vladimir Putin’s Honorary 9th Dan Taekwondo Black Belt he earned in 2013.

Many believe the current war in Europe is unnecessary and a selfish act of cruelty.

When World Taekwondo bestowed the 9th Dan Taekwondo belt upon Putin, the expectation was that he maintain the courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit that is learned through the Korean martial art. The high achievement is beyond some Taekwondo masters.

According to the President of World Taekwondo, Choue Chung-won, his recent actions prove the absence of the five principles of Taekwondo. And because of it, the organization has decided to take away the honorary belt.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin, Photo Credit: Getty Images

On February 28, World Taekwondo released a statement:

“Peace is more precious than triumph” and the World Taekwondo values of respect and tolerance. In this regard, World Taekwondo has decided to withdraw the honorary 9th dan black belt conferred to Mr. Vladimir Putin in November 2013.”

In addition to stripping Putin’s belt, Russia and Belarus’s influence has been removed from the Olympics.

“In solidarity with the International Olympic Committee, no Russian or Belarusian national flags or anthems will be displayed or played at World Taekwondo events. World Taekwondo and the European Taekwondo Union will not organise or recognise Taekwondo events in Russia and Belarus.”

The decision adds to a long, growing list of sanctions against Russia.

For example, the International Judo Association suspended Putin as their honorary President and Ambassador. Additionally, sports organizations such as soccer, basketball, ice hockey, and many others have banned Russian athletes from competing.

Sadly, as Ukrainian citizens suffer, natives of Russia are also being held accountable for Vladimir Putin’s actions.

What are your thoughts on the sanctions against Vladimir Putin and Russia?

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