Saturday, May 28, 2022

Oleynik Teaches Vanderaa Submission That Ended His UFC 273 Night

Alexey Oleynik is sharing his knowledge with his opponents.

UFC 273 was a night of amazing performances but perhaps one of the best of the evening was the first-round submission victory by Alexey Oleynik. Coming into the event, Oleynik was obviously a seasoned veteran. He was entering his 60th fight and proved that he could still get it done even at 44 years old.

Having lost three in a row prior to UFC 273, some could say that this bout against Jared Vanderaa was a must-win. It only took him three minutes to secure the choke and get out of the cage quickly. He has been known as a submission artist most of his career, but this scarf hold submission on Vanderaa was a thing of beauty.

The scarf hold is not a choke you see every day unless perhaps you are training with Oleynik. He has been able to pull off this submission several times in his 26-year long professional career. It is becoming a trademark of his, but he isn’t planning on keeping it a secret.

Backstage post-fight, Vanderaa asked his opponent to show him exactly how it was done and Oleynik was happy to oblige.

The video shows Vanderaa asking Oleynik to show him how that move is done. Oleynik shows him on Vanderaa and on a bystander, who seems to be a part of his crew. It seems Vanderaa wants to be ready in case that move is tried on him again, or he can now carry on the legacy of Oleynik if and when he decides to hang up his gloves.

Vanderaa was a last-minute replacement for this UFC 273 fight, Oleynik was originally set to face Ilir Latifi. It is unclear if that will be rescheduled going forward.

What do you think of Oleynik showing Vanderaa how to do the move that ended his night?

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