Tuesday, May 24, 2022

UFC Owner Ari Emanuel Out-Earned Every Hollywood Exec in 2021

Endeavor CEO and UFC owner Ari Emanuel made more money than every Hollywood executive in 2021, making more than $308 million.

SEC filings from the 2021 fiscal year showed that Emanuel took home a whopping $308,177,233 pay package. Endeavor has alleged that a bulk of the payout is in stock, and his recognized earnings are around $67.5 million.

In comparison, the top-10 entertainment and media CEOs made a combined $350 million in 2021. The top-earning media executive made around $50 million during that timespan.

Emanuel and Endeavor purchased 100% of the UFC in March 2021. Endeavor also revealed the best nine-month stretch in the company’s history last year.

UFC fighter pay has been a hot-button issue over the past few years. UFC President Dana White has hit back at critics who feel his promotion is underpaying its roster, while UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou and others have spoken out against the current pay model.

Last September, Emanuel spoke out in favor of the UFC’s fighter pay structure and defended the promotion against critics such as Jake Paul and Ngannou.

What is your reaction to UFC owner Ari Emanuel’s big earnings?

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