Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bisping Ends Negotiations, Urges Paul To Accept “Offered” Silva Fight

Michael Bisping is done negotiating with Jake Paul.

The new batch of informal negotiations between Michael Bisping and Jake Paul for a boxing match has apparently hit its biggest snag yet, with the “The Count” throwing his hands up and having enough of “The Problem Child.”

After making Paul’s “hitlist” of potential next opponents, Bisping expressed interest in making the bout happen. This set off a back-and-forth between the two, which consisted of Paul wanting Bisping to ensure that he could actually accept a fight against him.

First, Paul wanted Bisping to prove that he could get licensed for the fight despite his age (43) and eye issues. Once that proof was provided, Paul said he would “love” to make the fight happen.

Paul also issued a series of “eye-ronic” (and equally bad) puns while roasting Bisping in the video below.

Bisping would respond by sharing a video of the Tsuut’ina Combative Commission in Canada publicly confirming that they would license Bisping for a potential fight against the YouTuber.

The former Disney star would then move on to the next hoop of the Jake Paul Contract Obstacle Course by demanding that Bisping provide proof that he is no longer under UFC contract.

“.@Bisping post legal confirmation that you are not under UFC contract and I will get you a contract. You retired in 2017 and Dana still got you by the balls. And we fight where I tell you we fight.”

At this point, Bisping would throw in the towel before any contract could even be typed out, telling Paul to fight Anderson Silva instead.

“Jake The Pretender Paul @jakepaul first it was fight me, then was show me you can get licensed and now it’s show me you’re not under contract. Mate I wouldn’t give you the steam off my piss. Just accept the Anderson Silva fight which I KNOW for a fact has been offered. Jake???”

Paul would then retweet a post from his management team, Most Valuable Promotions, that interpreted Bisping’s response as an admission to still being under UFC contract. The tweet also served as a rebuttal to Bisping’s invocation of Anderson Silva’s name.

“When @bisping admits he’s actually still under UFC contract 5 years after retiring. Dana White controls him. Also important REMINDER JAKE fans: Tommy Fury and Anderson Silva are both fighting over the next 4 weeks.”

Indeed, Anderson Silva will be competing in an exhibition boxing match against Bruno Machado at a Floyd Mayweather event next month. As for Tommy Fury, he will be taking on Daniel Bocianski (10-1) on the undercard of Tyson Fury’s PPV card against Dillian Whyte this Saturday.

Jake Paul remains intent on returning to the squared circle this August. He already has three victories over MMA legends under his belt from last year, defeating Tyron Woodley twice as well as Ben Askren.

With Bisping now apparently out of the running, the question still lingers: Who’s next for “The Problem Child?”

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