Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bobby Gunn, Bare Knuckle Star, Fails To Appear For Fatal Crash Case

Former professional boxer and Bare Knuckle boxing pioneer Bobby Gunn failed to appear at a pretrial hearing for his death by auto case.

Gunn has been charged with second-degree death by auto and aggravated assault after a 2019 fatal car crash near Salem County, NJ. He allegedly drove his truck into oncoming traffic and collided with 51-year-old Polly Tornari, who died at the scene of the crash.

Gunn allegedly was under the influence of fentanyl at the time of the incident.

Gunn’s legal team claimed that the former boxer was suffering from high blood pressure and required a hospital stay which forced him to not appear in court.

Despite Gunn’s alleged health issues, Salem County Assistant Prosecutor Michael Forte didn’t buy the excuse.

“This case is getting a little long in the tooth and Mr. Gunn has a propensity to skip out on court appearances due to health issues,” Forte said in the courtroom. “Quite frankly, I have never seen anything from a doctor … I’ve seen no medical evidence as to all of the issues and symptoms that Mr. Gunn has claimed that he’s having. I’m unmoved by this and I would be requesting a bench warrant.” (h/t Bloody Elbow)

Gunn is thought to have over 60 unofficial bare-knuckle boxing fights during his career and appeared at BKFC 1 in 2018. His win over Irineu Beato Costa Jr. is the only sanctioned bare-knuckle match on his record, despite some believing the fight was fixed.

Gunn also fought against boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. for the WBF World Cruiserweight Title in 2017, losing via eighth-round TKO. He also picked up title wins over Shannon Landberg and James Morrow.

Gunn faces 5-10 years in prison if found guilty of the crimes.

What is your reaction to Bobby Gunn’s legal issues?

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