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Brawl Erupts at ‘Black Tie’ Charity MMA Event

Fighting broke out at a Black Tie event hosted by Ultra MMA in Belfast, Ireland to raise money for cancer research.

On April 9, chairs and fists were thrown at a “glamorous black tie” event hosted by Ultra MMA at the Crowne Plaza in Shaw’s Bridge, Belfast, Ireland.

Everyone in attendance had to dress to impressing accordance with a strict dress code. Fighters for the event trained for 8 weeks to put on a show and raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The event started at 4:30 pm and at around 7:25 pm the police were informed of an altercation on the premises.

Approximately 20 male guests were involved in fights, which took place inside and outside of the venue. Reportedly, a member of the staff tried to help a woman who was knocked down in one of the brawls.

Footage from a brawl outside the Ultra MMA event
Footage from a brawl outside the Ultra MMA event, Photo Credit: Irish News

When police arrived, those gathered in the parking lot cleared out.

“‘Upon the arrival of officers a short time later, the crowd gathered in a car park dispersed and no reports of injuries or complaints were made,’ the spokesperson added.” (via Irish News)

Chaos seems to follow the promotion.

Footage from a brawl at the Ultra MMA charity event in 2019
Footage from a brawl at the Ultra MMA charity event in 2019, Photo Credit: SunSport

In March of 2019, Ultra MMA hosted a similar fundraiser where another shocking brawl took place. It was madness as metal chairs and tables were thrown during the event at the Mountbatten Leisure Centre in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Raising money for cancer research is one of Ultra MMA’s main purposes.

The organization is one of the biggest fundraiser supporters for cancer research in the UK. They often host charity black-tie events all across the United Kingdom.

To date, the promotion has raised over £1 million in nearly 23,000 fundraisers.

What is your reaction to the brawl at the Ultra MMA charity event?

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