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Chimaev Responds To Cormier’s Criticism Of Till Friendship

Surging UFC welterweight contender Khamzat Chimaev has responded to Daniel Cormier’s criticism of his blossoming friendship with middleweight Darren Till.

In perhaps one of the more surprising and hilarious stories of the year, Chimaev and Till appear to have developed a relationship that’s left them inseparable. While their previous interactions online had hinted at some sort of future acquaintance, not many would have expected them to get on like a house on fire.

What started as an offer to train following a devastating defeat has turned into a brotherhood that’s seen “The Gorilla” spend weeks alongside “Borz” at Stockholm’s Allstars Training Center, as well as the pair travel to Las Vegas together.

But while many have reveled in the stories from their time together, which included a beverage theft prank at the UFC Performance Institute, the public friendship isn’t to everyone’s taste when it comes to building an aura as a fighter.

During an interview with MMA Fighting, Cormier, a former two-division UFC champion, suggested Chimaev’s decision to ‘pull the curtain back’ during his time with the Englishman is a mistake.

“I love the whole buddy-buddy thing with Darren Till,” Cormier said. “[But] I think it’s a mistake. I think he should continue to be a mystery to people. I think he should spend as little time in front of the public, and showing who he is, pulling the curtain back. I would pull the curtain back as little as I could if I’m Khamzat. Just because the mystery is good for him.” (h/t MiddleEasy)

When “Borz” had the chance to respond face-to-face, he certainly made the most of the opening…

Chimaev Tells Cormier “You Can’t Be Alone”

Chimaev had the opportunity to offer a rebuttal during a recent appearance on The DC Check-In ahead of his fight with Gilbert Burns at UFC 273 this weekend.

When Cormier jokingly probed about the videos and social media footage of the Chechen-born Swede hanging out with Till, the #11-ranked welterweight flipped the script on “DC” with the mention of a certain high-profile teammate of his at AKA.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Daniel Cormier
Khabib Nurmagomedov & Daniel Cormier (Photo: Brandon Magnus/Zuffa)

“Brother, you say, ‘What is that sh*t,’ this is not sh*t, this is a brothers’ relationship, brother,” said Chimaev. “What you and Khabib (Nurmagomedov) do, that’s sh*t, in that gym, you know. You and Khabib doing same sh*t in the gym. What you can say about that? He’s (Till) my brother.”

In response, Cormier joked that a “killer” like Chimaev can not have a best friend like Till.

“But you and Darren Till, you walk, you put your arm on (his) shoulder… Brother, you’re like killer, you’ve gotta be killer, you cannot have a best friend like this.”

When Cormier, a frequent member of the UFC’s commentary team, reiterated his belief that Chimaev should maintain a level of mystery about his character, “Borz” highlighted the importance of friendship.

“You need the friends as well, brother. You can’t be alone. You need somebody to defend your back,” said Chimaev.

After receiving some backlash on social media for putting down the blossoming ‘bromance’, Cormier posted a tweet reminding his detractors that it was a joke, suggesting they shouldn’t take things so seriously.

While Cormier did receive support for his view from fellow fighter-turned-analyst Chael Sonnen, it doesn’t seem like the relationship developed between Till and Chimaev will be fading away any time soon.

Do you agree with Khamzat Chimaev’s response?

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