Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Coker States The Competition Level He’d Put Logan, Jake Paul Against

Bellator President Scott Coker seems to have a plan in mind if Logan and Jake Paul end up eventually fighting in his MMA promotion.

Jake and Logan have both entertained the possibility of making the move to MMA after a few more fights in the boxing ring. Both Paul brothers are expecting to return to boxing later this year.

Coker has flirted with the idea of bringing Jake to Bellator when he’s ready to make the move to the cage. He was even in talks with Jake earlier this year about potentially fighting in Bellator.

During a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Coker praised the Paul brothers and answered whether or not they could transition to MMA.

“I’m impressed with their work ethic,” Coker said of the Paul brothers. “I’m impressed with how much they’ve grown over the last two years. And if they had their mind made up, I think they could get into it. I mean, could they come and win a fight against a world champion?  Probably not. But could they fight somebody decent? I think they could.”

When asked about specific opponents for the Paul brothers, he stopped short of pairing them up with Bellator’s biggest stars.

“Well, I know they were talking to A.J. [McKee], but I think A.J’s too light. But I don’t think they should fight somebody like Gegard Mousasi or anything like that, but maybe somebody ranked in the top 10 or maybe towards 8 or 9.”

Both Paul brothers come from a high school wrestling background. Jake has also shown off some work with leg kicks in his gym in Puerto Rico.

The Paul brothers’ rivalry with MMA may be coming to a close soon as it sounds like Coker is serious about potentially coming to terms on deals with both fighters.

Do you want to see Jake Paul and Logan Paul in Bellator?

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