Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Conor McGregor Advocates For Post-Fight Bonus Cash Increases

Former UFC double champion Conor McGregor wants to see more money on the line when it comes to post-fight bonuses.

McGregor is anticipating a return to the Octagon this year and is interested in a welterweight title matchup against Kamaru Usman. He appears to be done at lightweight despite apparent unfinished business against Dustin Poirier following UFC 264.

McGregor topped the Forbes Top 100 highest-earning athletes list last year and is considered to be a global superstar. He has also earned a plethora of post-fight bonuses during his illustrious career.

Now, McGregor thinks it’s time for the UFC to make significant changes to encourage fighters to work towards receiving bonuses for their efforts.

In a recent tweet, McGregor reacted to the UFC 273 pre-fight press conference and encouraged UFC President Dana White to make post-fight bonuses $60,000 each.

“Great to see all the young pups up there [at the UFC press conference] today!” McGregor said. “We do face offs always here. Correct this going forward. Awesome stuff! Is it a “big fights feel” somewhat right now with this card? I think so! Let’s go fighters, bring it home! 60g’z Dana! Up the bonus, let them go for it!”

The UFC recently announced a partnership with to promote a new Fan Bonus of the Night bonus voted upon by the fans. Nevertheless, McGregor still feels that Performance of the Night and Fight of the Night both need added incentives.

UFC 273 figures to be one of the most exciting cards of the year on paper, with intriguing matchups from top to bottom. McGregor will look to earn another post-fight bonus in his anticipated return to the cage later this year.

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