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Darren Till Recalls Club Altercation With Drug User Post-UFC Liverpool

UFC middleweight contender Darren Till has recalled the time he had to turn things physical in a nightclub following his victory over Stephen Thompson in 2018.

At the May 27 UFC Fight Night event that year, Till headlined opposite “Wonderboy” in front of an adoring home crowd in Liverpool. At the time, “The Gorilla” boasted an undefeated 17-0-1 record, and was riding the momentum from victories over Bojan Veličković and Donald Cerrone.

In his way of breaking into title contention and continuing his rapid ascension up the UFC ladder was “Wonderboy,” regarded as one of the best strikers in the game. While it appeared set to be a tough test, Till passed by taking home a unanimous decision victory, although many disputed the verdict.

Having added the name of the then-#1-ranked welterweight to his unblemished résumé, a Liverpudlian celebration was certainly in order. Unfortunately, one individual wanted “The Gorilla” to celebrate a little too hard…

During a recent edition of TheMacLife’s Pub Talk, Till and host Oscar Willis had a conversation fitting of their location and alcohol-filled table. When discussing the public perception of him, Till suggested many presume he takes substances due to his fondness of alcohol, something he says is far from the truth.

“I’ve been put in so many situations, even in my hometown, Liverpool, when I’ve gone out,” said Till. It’s crazy because a lot of people have got me down for some mad, crazy alcoholic who goes out, and I do, but I don’t take drugs. But because I’m so mad on alcohol, everyone thinks I’m on the gear. I do not take drugs. I’m so against drugs. And people come up to me in clubs and are like, ‘Have a sniff.'”

One of those moments took place just hours after Till had left the Octagon at UFC Liverpool.

Till: He Goes To Put The Bag Of Drugs In My Hand…

Recalling the incident, Till noted the multiple interactions he had with the same person inside a Liverpool nightclub named Mansion.

After being approached about taking drugs from the individual on two separate occasions, Till said he and his entourage moved to a different floor in order to avoid fists getting involved.

“So, I won’t name no names, but one lad—the afterparty was huge. We had a big afterparty in a place called Mansion. Everyone was there, all my friends and that, and we played Sweet Caroline, but it was like a nightclub,” recalled Till. “One guy comes up, had his phone on record and was like, ‘Brother, do you want to come to the toilet and have a line?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t take drugs brother, see you later.’

“Then he comes up again. Now, I start getting like—I get jittery mate, ’cause I know I can’t have an argument in conversation, I either have to hit someone—0-100,” added Till. “So I’m like, ‘I know what’s gonna happen here.’ So then there’s another club downstairs called Vice. So we go there.”

When the person’s efforts turned from verbal offers to full-on handing Till the drugs whilst recording on his phone, Till, who’s had his fair share of scraps in Liverpool and was even brutally stabbed from behind in the city, increased his response from a ‘no’ to a ‘whack’.

“So I’m in there, just won the biggest fight of my life, just partying, me and my friend John Gillies are there, and this lad comes up again,” continued Till. “He’s got his Snapchat thing out now, right, and he’s got the flash up, and he’s recording. And he goes to put like, the bag in my hand, and as he does it, I just went boom [imitates a punch], whacked him clean in the chest.

“He flew, he flew across the thing. I just thought, ‘Mate, it’s one thing asking me to take drugs, it’s (another to put them in my hand) and film me.’ Probably worked for The Sun, piece of sh*t. You are the lowest of the low,” concluded Till.

If the term “no means no” isn’t accepted when Darren Till is involved, you best be prepared for a stiffer answer next time around, and perhaps some bruising…

What do you make of Darren Till’s response to the individual attempting to hand him drugs on film?

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