Thursday, May 19, 2022

De La Hoya Wants To Squash Beef With Dana White: “I Was Wrong”

Oscar De La Hoya has decided to offer UFC President Dana White an olive branch.

For the past five years, boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya and UFC head honcho Dana White have been at odds with one another. The conflict apparently began with De La Hoya trashing the blockbuster MayMac event in 2017, which unsurprisingly didn’t sit well with White, who helped promote the fight.

Since then, their feud has only escalated with time, with White constantly referring to De La Hoya as a “crackhead” and De La Hoya regularly taking shots at the UFC’s business practices, specifically fighter pay. In response, White has called De La Hoya a hypocrite considering the reported payout for the 2018 De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions‘ Ortiz vs. Liddell event.

Most recently, the feud between the two dragged UFC legend Georges St-Pierre into the middle of it when White refused to allow St-Pierre to box De La Hoya, as GSP remains under UFC contract.

Prior to this, White voiced his hope that another former UFC champion, Vitor Belfort, would knock De La Hoya’s head clean off.

At one point, the feud between the two even reached a point where White accepted De La Hoya’s challenge for a fight.

Now, after years of conflict, insults, and challenges, De La Hoya is hoping to squash his beef with White and has even offered what could be interpreted as an apology.

“I want to fix things up with Dana,” De La Hoya told TMZ recently.

When asked for his interpretation of what caused his beef with White, De La Hoya took full responsibility.

“Yeah, I criticized the UFC a bit and I was wrong for it,” De La Hoya said. “But yeah, I would love to patch things up with Dana.”

De La Hoya went on to say that he has big plans in the future involving Las Vegas and that he would love to include White in those plans. He did not elaborate on the nature of those plans.

MMA News will keep you updated if White issues a response to De La Hoya’s latest remarks or if any further details concerning De La Hoya’s plans are revealed.

Do you think Oscar De La Hoya and Dana White will ever make peace?

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