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Demetrious Johnson Explains Why Henry Cejudo Shouldn’t Have Retired

Demetrious Johnson doesn’t think Henry Cejudo should have retired following his TKO win over Dominick Cruz.

Cejudo was the bantamweight champion and had just defended his title for the first time. He was also the former flyweight champ and was rising up the pound-for-pound ranks. Yet, while on top of the world in 2020, he decided to retire from competition.

When he retired, it surprised many, and Johnson says he thinks Cejudo’s decision was a mistake.

“I think it’s great,” Johnson admits to DAZN. “I think Henry shouldn’t have retired in the first place if you ask me. I mean, you’re the champion, you’re a double champ, ‘Triple C.’ You make your money by fighting, competing. Maybe he needed the rest. I don’t know. I don’t know what he’s got going on in his life. I think you’re better off just grinding it out, getting those fights in because you lost two years of making money. If you would have fought, won both of those fights, who knows. He could be making you know, $350-500k plus your pay-per-view points. He grinds for those two years; now, he can retire. I’m happy he’s back.” 

Demetrious Johnson Henry Cejudo
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Although Henry Cejudo did stick to his word and has been retired since then, he recently announced he would be re-entering the USADA testing pool.

The hope for Cejudo is he gets an immediate featherweight or bantamweight title shot but it is uncertain if that will happen. Most recently, he met with the UFC brass and mentioned current bantamweight champion Alajmain Sterling as a potential opponent upon his return.

Regardless, it does seem set that Cejudo will return to fighting, which Demetrious Johnson should be happy about, as he knows first-hand that ‘Triple C’ is one of the best. Cejudo defeated Johnson via split decision in 2018 to become the second flyweight champion in UFC history, this coming two years after Johnson had defeated him via TKO.

Do you agree with Demetrious Johnson?

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