Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Watch: Eddie Hearn Tells Jake Paul He’d Fight Him For $10 Million

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn came face to face with Jake Paul prior to tomorrow night’s blockbuster women’s boxing match between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano, and there were some interesting takeaways from the interaction.

Tomorrow night, Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano will compete in a historic women’s bout when the two women become the first females to headline a boxing event in Madison Square Garden.

In one corner, Ireland’s Katie Taylor enters the fight with a perfect record of 20-0. She is represented by her promoter, Eddie Hearn.

In the other corner is Amanda Serrano, a fighter with twice the experience of Taylor with a pro record of 42-1-1. The Puerto Rican scrapper is represented by “The Problem Child” Jake Paul.

Yesterday, a press conference was held to help promote the event, and that promotion has continued with a face-to-face interview between Hearn and Paul, moderated by MMA reporter Ariel Helwani.

Here are some of the biggest notes from the interview:

  • Hearn calls Paul an average fight but insists that is a compliment, not an insult
  • Jake Paul’s girlfriend dislikes Eddie Hearn
  • Jake Paul has a picture of Eddie Hearn on his wall in his gym in Puerto Rico for motivation
  • Eddie Hearn says Jake Paul is no longer a YouTube boxer but an authentic boxer
  • Eddie Hearn and Jake Paul made a wager for $1 million. Hearn gets $1 million from Paul if Taylor wins; Paul gets $1 million from Hearn if Serrano wins
  • Paul said he would give Serrano the $1 million if he wins the bet
  • Paul claims he’d fight any of Hearn’s fighters that are under 10-0

But perhaps the most memorable moment came when Hearn opened the door to a potential fight against Paul. You can view the transcript from that exchange below.

Eddie Hearn: “It’s a shame I can’t fight because it would do big numbers,” the 42-year-old Hearn said about a hypothetical fight between him and Paul.


Eddie Hearn: “Oh, massive!… In the UK, there’s so many people that want to see me get knocked out. It would do like $2 million pay-per-view buys in the UK. And if I lose the bet, then I’ll take $10 million to fight Jake Paul, and I just take the UK pay-per-view. He can have all the other revenue around the world.”

Hearn went on to say there was a stage that he thinks he would’ve easily beaten Jake Paul. Now, he’s not so sure. Paul then shared some brief thoughts on how he believes the fight would play out if it ever happened.

Jake Paul: “You know if we fought, it’d be 30 seconds…”

Eddie Hearn: “I disagree.”

Jake Paul: “30 seconds.”

Eddie Hearn: It would be a big favor. I’m terrible. But like I said, for $10 mill, I’d do it.”

Neither man appeared to take this “potential” bout seriously at all and Hearn’s remarks seemed to be made in a tongue-in-cheek manner, but you can judge for yourself by checking out the face-to-face interview below.

You can also view the face-to-face interview between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano here.

Be sure to check back here on for the results from tomorrow night’s Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano event.

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