Monday, May 16, 2022

Retired Trans MMA Fighter Fallon Fox Boasts Punching TERFS On Twitter

Former MMA fighter Fallon Fox bragged on social media about “holding the record” for punching TERFS.

For clarification, TERF is the acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminist.

As the first openly transgender MMA fighter, Fox has made it her duty to inform the world of trans rights and issues. Her social media is filled with data and personal opinions retorting anti-trans agendas.

And recently, Fox took to her Twitter account to gloat about holding the number one spot in punching TERFS.

“There’s been three times where I’ve punched a TERF in the face. I think I hold the record. I’m the most based trans person on earth. #MMA #DontHate #TotallyLegal #TotallyWorthIt.”

Fox included trans mixed martial artist Alana Mclaughlin in the post, telling her to”catch up” to her. However proud she is of the self-proclaimed accomplishment, the post was received negatively in the comments.

Fox’s last fight in 2014 against Tamikka Brents, who is pictured in the collage of the Twitter post, came under heavy fire. Brents suffered a few injuries to the head including several broken orbital bones.

Fallon Fox face off with Tamikka Brents, Photo Credit: CCCW

The controversy of trans women in sports goes back many years and is extremely prevalent in MMA.

When Fox revealed she was trans back in 2013, it sparked a lot of hate from fighters and MMA fans. Particularly, Joe Rogan and Ronda Rousey blasted her on multiple occasions for fighting in the women’s division.

3 TKOs and 2 submissions make up the five wins on Fox’s MMA record. She suffered only one loss, given by Ashley Evans-Smith by TKO in the third round.

Since retiring from MMA, Fox dedicates her time to being an advocate for trans rights.

What is your reaction to Fallon Fox’s tweet?

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