Monday, May 23, 2022

Hill: Covington Went Against His Own Persona By Pressing Charges

UFC light heavyweight contender Jamahal Hill has given his take on Colby Covington‘s decision to press charges against arch-rival Jorge Masvidal.

If anyone thought the rivalry between former friends Covington and Masvidal had been squashed with their fight at UFC 272, they were sorely mistaken.

Weeks after “Chaos” secured victory on the scorecards, the pair’s feud hit the streets. Masvidal was reported to have sucker-punched his former teammate from outside the Papi Steak Restaurant in Miami. Following the alleged attack, which appeared to leave Covington with a chipped tooth, “Gamebred” was arrested and charged with felony battery and criminal mischief.

In a video he posted after the incident, Masvidal cited the insults Covington said regarding his family as justification for the attack. Some believe that Covington’s insulting and controversial persona means he has to be prepared to back up his words in person, with the likes of Jake Paul slamming “Chaos” for pressing charges.

Others criticized the ‘BMF’ titleholder for blind-siding his former roommate and ATT training partner, especially given the fact he had 25 minutes in a cage with him at UFC 272. The latest to give their view of the incident is Jamahal Hill, who seemingly falls on the former side of the debate.

Hill: Covington Shouldn’t Talk Trash If He Can’t Handle The Consequences

During a recent interview with MMA Fight Club, Hill, the current #10-ranked UFC light heavyweight, assessed the incident. While he believes Covington had every right to press charges, the 30-year-old believes it directly contrasts the persona “Chaos” has created in the UFC.

“That whole situation, I get it bro. Colby was well within his rights to press charges, all this and that. But for me, that takes a shot at the type of persona that he tries to portray,” said Hill. “Cause like, you press charges? You call the police? Here you are, ‘Oh, such and such is a b*tch, ooh, this and that, he don’t take care of his family…’ Like, you just did that, mother*cker. You call everybody the f*ck out.”

According to Hill, once Covington made the decision to develop a trash-talking persona, which has seen him criticized for comments made towards the families of both Masvidal and Kamaru Usman, the former interim champion had to be ready to handle “what comes with that.”

“But part of that, you gotta (take) what comes with that. You gotta be able to handle what comes with that. If you’re gonna play that type of persona, if you’re gonna talk like that, you gotta be able to handle what comes with that,” concluded Hill.

According to MMA Junkie Masvidal entered a written not guilty plea to the charge. An arraignment hearing has been scheduled for later this month.

Do you agree with Jamahal Hill’s take on Colby Covington’s decision to press charges?

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