Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Holly Holm Dismisses Retirement Rumors

Holly Holm has dismissed any retirement rumors sparked up by her Octagon absence.

Holm won both of her fights in 2020, but that was the last time she faced anyone. After defeating Irene Aldana, she was set to fight Julianna Peña next. Unfortunately, Holm was forced to withdraw from the fight due to an injury, and the bout was canceled.

Several months later, Holm withdrew from another fight because of a knee injury. Fans saw nothing from “The Preacher’s Daughter” in 2021, which led many to believe the 40-year-old was heading into retirement.

But the former Kickboxing and UFC champion has a lot of fight left in her and wants people to know that retirement is not on the agenda.

“I’m definitely super frustrated, especially when people are like ‘are you retired?’” Holm said. “I’m like no! Not retired! But I can see them maybe thinking that because they haven’t seen me fight. I want to show them what I’ve got and especially because my last fight, I got to show even more of my game from what had been seen before. I get excited cause I want to show more and show more and I keep running into these barriers. It’s definitely frustrating.” (via MMAfighting)

And on May 21, she finally gets the opportunity to showcase her talents on UFC Fight Night at the Apex in Las Vegas. Her opponent, Brazilian fighter Ketlen Vieira, 12-2, is coming off a win against Miesha Tate, a fighter Holm was bested by in 2016.

Holm’s astonishing fight record leaves many to question if she has anything left to prove. She was inducted into the Kickboxing Hall-of-Fame, defended her WBF titles 18 times, and was a UFC bantamweight champion.

Holly Holm
Holly Holm, Photo Credit: Getty

In her next bout, Holm will endeavor to put on a performance she wishes to deliver that will prove she is here to stay.

How much longer do you think Holly Holm will be competing in the UFC?

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