Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Ian Garry Isn’t Listening To What The Haters Have To Say

Ian Garry isn’t going to let the hat from trolls get to him.

Ian Garry is one of the new kids on the block in the UFC. Garry has only had two fights in the organization so far, but the hype around him is constantly growing. The Irish fighter has been compared to Conor McGregor. And although he is receiving a great deal of praise, as is common in sports, with the praise also comes the hate.

Garry isn’t going to let the hate he receives get to him. He spoke to The Mirror about his mindset and how he reacts to criticism.

“I don’t give a s*** what other people say,” he said. “I dominated from the first second to the last, I left victorious, I’m 9-0, now I go into my next fight where I’ll go 10-0, I’m 24-years-old and I won’t be caring what they say because I am loving my life.

Garry made his UFC debut on the massive UFC 268 card in New York City. Aptly nicknamed “The Future,” Garry quickly proved in that debut that he has the personality and the skills to become a star in the sport. He defeated Jordan Williams via first-round KO and started his UFC career off his a bang.

He made his second appearance inside the UFC Octagon at UFC 273 just a few weeks ago. This time he was victorious again but by unanimous decision over Darian Weeks. Without a finish, in came the nitpicker.

“Whatever people want to say, let them say it because again, you can’t take away from what’s in here, I know how good I am, I know what I did and I’m happy with the results. I’m going to chill out, get my head down, recover, relax and get back to training so I can be back in that cage soon,” he said.

“People can have mixed reactions, let them say what they want because nobody is going to have any opinion that can faze me. I’m going to be sat there with the belt wrapped around my waist in a few years still undefeated, still looking this handsome and all I do for a living is beat the s*** out of people, no one will be able to argue with that.”

Garry is a young fighter at just 24 years old and is undefeated in his nine professional fights. He could have a long and successful career ahead of him with a few more good wins and this kind of attitude.

Do you like what you have seen from Ian Garry in the UFC so far?

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