Sunday, May 22, 2022

Ian Garry Names Trait Only Matched By Sonnen & McGregor

UFC welterweight prospect Ian Garry puts his attempts at mental warfare up there with two of the best trash talkers in UFC history.

Garry is set to face Darian Weeks in his second UFC fight at UFC 273. He passed his first UFC test with flying colors, earning a first-round knockout over Jordan Williams with a second left in the round at UFC 268.

Garry is regarded as one of the UFC’s top prospects after a solid run in Cage Warriors, which culminated in earning the CW welterweight title against Jack Grant. He’s also been compared to Conor McGregor for his impressive striking and ability to promote a fight on the mic.

During his UFC 273 pre-fight press conference, Garry named two UFC legends as the only fighters who are comparable to him and his promotion of fights.

“I think they know that I’m game,” Garry said. “I show up, I fight, I talk the talk. There’s only two people that you can argue can talk as good as me, and that’s Chael and Conor. I’m not going to have any other name on that list. It’s just natural. It’s something I’m good at, you see me walk around fight week and it’s just the way I am. I have a good time and I fucking love what I do. I love this whole environment, I love walking around the hotel and seeing people. I’m so loud, you’ll always hear me before you see me. You’ll always feel that good energy and I want it to be infectious.”

After his debut win over Williams, Garry quoted McGregor using his “we’re not here to take part, we’re here to take over” phrase in his post-fight interview. The undefeated welterweight looks and sounds the part of a potential star in the making at 170 pounds.

McGregor is expected to return later this year, potentially in a welterweight title fight against Kamaru Usman. Sonnen remains a part of the sport as a commentator after a decorated career in the Octagon, in which he constantly berated his opponents in the lead-up to his fights.

If Garry can earn another impressive win at UFC 273, he could be well on his way to a spot in the welterweight rankings. As he continues to have success, fans can expect more big talk to come with it.

What are your UFC expectations for Ian Garry?

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