Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Jackson: Pitbull/McKee Was The Worst MMA Robbery I’ve Ever Seen

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has been involved in the sport of MMA for over two full decades, and he claims he witnessed something Friday night that he never had before.

At Bellator 277, Patricio “Pitbull” Freire reclaimed featherweight gold and handed A.J. McKee his first career loss in one unanimous, yet controversial split-decision victory. Just how controversial was it? Enough for Quinton Jackson to consider it history-making from a personal standpoint.

“From my view and my personal opinion, I think that as the worst robbery I’ve ever seen in MMA…ever,” Jackson said simply.

Jackson then called on his own personal experience as a point of reference for all-time robberies.

“I lost my belt due to a robbery, and I think this robbery was way worse than that one. And it was a unanimous decision? I’m not taking away from Pitbull. He fought a great fight. He fought a smart fight. But AJ’s a champ. You have to beat the champ to be the champ. And I just don’t feel like Pitbull did enough to beat the champion, to get the win, to get the belt. He know he didn’t win that fight.”

By deduction, it would seem that Jackson is referring to his 2008 unanimous decision loss to Forrest Griffin that saw “Rampage” drop the UFC light heavyweight championship.

History in the Making: Forrest Griffin defies the odds and becomes UFC  Light Heavyweight Champion - MMAmania.com

Jackson says he could see two rounds going to Pitbull, but nevertheless, he would love to know more about those who are scoring the fights if they could award the entire fight to Freire.

“Who are these judges? What’s up with these judges?” asked Jackson. “This kid is undefeated. The kid is undefeated, and he’s the champion. And you have him lose a unanimous decision? It was the worst robbery I’ve ever seen in MMA…

“I don’t remember seeing a robbery worse than this because the kid was undefeated. That’s his legacy you talkin’ about, right? And he was the champion. And you look at the stats, the (punching) stats and the scoring stats, he outscored him on everything. It was a pretty bad robbery. You guys have to go back and watch it.”

Jackson acknowledged that he has a personal relationship with the McKee family and that he has known A.J. since he (McKee) was a child. Still, he maintains that he’s not the type of person to be biased when making such proclamations.

McKee’s reaction as the official decision was announced portrayed a fighter who felt very much wronged by the judges. However, the odds of a rematch are somewhat unlikely considering the fact that McKee has stated he would prefer to move up and compete at lightweight henceforth.

Do you think Patricio Pitbull’s victory over A.J. McKee at Bellator 277 was a robbery?

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